Critical analysis of bad reviews

March 05, 2018 on a public website

Overall experience rated 2/5 stars. This comes from a parent that has been with us for the past year and now signed up for a new program beginning January 4th.

Parent wrote: She was always demanding from students and parents, pretty strict when it came to their rules…

School Response: Dear Parents, we are strict with our rules where it counts: We have safety procedures in place that all families and visitors must abide.

Parent wrote: …but she was not delivering the kind of education and commitment I was expecting for my daughter.

School Response: We reserve our doubts the parent was unsatisfied for we possess records the parent applied for a second year at The School.

Parent wrote: When classes were about to start after winter break, she called a few days before to announce that VPK will not start until further notice. I had to enroll my daughter at another school.

School Response: All parents were informed in the second half of December. The parent emailed me saying her daughter could not start until the following Monday. The parent demonstrated tardiness yet –> demanded that I start the program right away with four children (one being hers), totally disregarding the 19 families that were enrolled in the same program.

Parent wrote: As soon as my girl started at the new school, she is now able to identify the letters and how to write them. She was running behind, in comparison to other students from the VPK program at the new school…

School Response: We empower parents from time to time with the necessary tools to follow-up with the child’s knew knowledge for the day. The parent failed to mention the child was a student up until December 2017 and performed well. The child knew all her letter sounds and knew her math. She learned a lot.

Today, as an example I tell parents: Go with your child and trace the letter in the correct formation and we teach the parent to teach their child. We also keep the parents informed of what their child is learning so they can be help reinforce it at home. Furthermore, we have an open door policy for the parents to come in and observe the child’s performance.

Parent wrote: It seems like this school is not quite operated by the Montessori standards (at least, while we were there). Disorganized. For what I’ve notice in my conversations with the owner, it seems like she is not willing to invest in a professional/qualified team to provide a better quality of service.

School Response: Of all the parents that were informed, this was the only parent that did not respond until January 19th. The parent went as far as attempting to manage the school’s procedures without considering how the 20 families in the same process would be affected. Email was received from parent in January 19, 2018 during her quest to keep her child here but not understanding the program had a late start, she emailed me she loved Montessori and believed in my school. We did offer her a spot on the 29th when the class was confirmed to commence, but she hastily had enrolled at another school.

From time to time, situations like this can happen but we thrive on the positive ones. We wish the family all the best and continued success.