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They learned so much. We truly miss them and wish them success in their future years ahead.
Vindra, 2020
Thank you. It was a pleasure to help her grow and development. She is amazing. Thank You for the positive comments.
Vindra, 2020
Thank You for giving us the opportunity to help him learn and grow!
Vindra, 2020
My son attended Montessori school of Davenport for VPK and kindergarten. What an amazing program. He learned so many new skills, including being more independent in daily activities. He learned how to read and write with such a confidence that transformation to first grade was very easy for him. He is a honor roll student for the whole 3 quarters and he is getting honor roll again the last quarter of first grade. Well done Miss. Vindra and her team !!! We highly recommend Montessori of Davenport :)
Hana, 2019
Two of our kids attended Montessori School of Davenport. We only wised the school was open so our oldest had the opportunity to attend as well. Our two youngest were well prepared for elementary and did not struggle at all when they started their regular school curriculum. Our oldest in the other hand ended needing tutoring. The atmosphere and environment is appropriate and easy for any preschooler to adapt to. The teachers pay attention to detail and were well focused, noting negative to say about them. We have no doubt that Montessori School of Davenport is the right fit for anyone that is ready to take their little one to the next level.
Adopted from a public page, 2018
My granddaughter, Liannah, studied VPK at Montessori School of Davenport. She learned a lot and is currently in Kindergarten in FCCS and is in honor roll. Her Montessori's teachers were the key to her academic success. In Montessori she development their communication skills in English and today is a 5-year-old girl totally bilingual (English and Spanish).
Janet Gonzalez, 2018
Our daughter Ellie was Miss Vindra's first student at Montessori School of Davenport. From the very first day she attended she was eager to learn and Miss Vindra nourished that. Montessori School of Davenport build a foundation that has helped her excel in school. In kindergarten, she was tested and placed in the gifted program at Davenport School of the Arts. Since then she has maintained A/B honor roll. We truly believe that what she learned and how she prepared at Montessori School of Davenport made a world of a difference. She is currently in third grade and still eager to learn.
Claudia and Miguel Couvertier, 2017
This school is INCREDIBLE. Our daughter switched to this school after a mismatch at her first school. We went from struggling to get her out of bed in the morning to barely getting her shoes on before she runs out of the house to get to school now! She has excelled and grown exponentially and surprises us with more knowledge daily. Ms. Vindra runs the school professionally and still manages to treat us like family. I can't wait for our next daughter to be old enough to to go here!
Zimmcorp, 2017
We have had the pleasure of knowing Vindra for the past year and a half as our daughter's teacher at Christian Montessori School. Our daughter was four years old when Vindra moved into her class. Since then, she began to read books, write sentences, learn mathematics( addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), as well as a host of other subjects. Our child is advance and creative. We are very impressed that Vindra could recognized these attributes and provided a nuturing environment where she could progress at her own pace. As a result our daughter is moving to First grade early. Vindra is a very intellient, capable and dedicated person. She is sensible to others' feelings and works very well with children. We are truly grateful for the progress our child has made with Vindra's expectional guidance.
Dwight and Amy C., 2017
I am pleased to write a letter of reference for Ms. Vindra. I have known Ms. Vindra for a year and a half. We met during our employment at Christian Montessori School at Lake Norman. There I came to know her as a wonderful asset to our Primary Department where she taught in the Primary 3 classroom. Her ability to connect with each student, by addressing each student�s unique talents and specific needs, was absolutely incredible. Ms. Vindra was 100% reliable and always on good terms with both the facility and her students, as well. She also has a truly and genuine passion for teaching young children. If hired, there is no doubt that your school will feel especially pleased to have her on your team.
Taniesha B., Former assistant to administration staff, 2017
I cannot say enough about the school. The teachers are great!!! They treat your children with lots of love and care. You will be quite impressed with all the skills and knowledge your child will acquire!! My son loves to go there and constantly surprises me with things he knows and the choices he makes and under 4 years old is already taking his first steps on reading books! Its a pleasure to go into a Montessori classroom and see the children at work, the children are busy and are happy at there work. The school is always open for us to go in and take a look on our little ones doing their lesson, teachers are always available to talk to us about any questions or issues we have. I feel welcome every time I go there. I do recommend to prospective parents who think of enroll their children in a Montessori School (of Davenport): you will not regret it! And of course, is always good to do some research on the method to know how things work at a Montessori School and for you to encourage your child at home too, keeping the same philosophy about learning and development. Highly Recommended Montessori School of Davenport.
Cris vital J., 2015

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